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In a spacious environment we have dedicated ourselves to creating a higly professional and motivated situation for our clients, wich, combinated with fifty years of experience and avant-garde equipment, allows us to fulfill any commercial and technical need in thr field of pneumatics concerning automobiles, motorcycles and scooters.

We arew specialized in prestigious luxury cars, with assistence in electronic convergenze, weel alignement, shock, absorbers for sport cars, and braking systems. We also offer special services for our clients such as courtesy cars and a home pick-up and delivers services.

It given us pleasure to inform you that our professional preparation and serious approach to our buisness is officially recognized by some of the most prestigious pneumatics manifacturers like: GOOD YEAR, PIRELLI, MICHELIN, DUNLOP, YOKOAMA. In collaboration with these high level companies, our equipe is updated trough specialized, technical courses, with a particular empasis on high-end luxury automobiles.

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